How to Plan For a Hassle Free Home Network Cabling InstallationPosted by Peter Turner on 29th October 2018

Home Network Cabling Installation

Setting up the network for uninterrupted internet connection in a home can be a tedious task, especially if you are unaware of the basics of home network cabling installation. You don’t have to be a network engineer to set up a able internet connection, with service providers like Midlands Cabling dealing with the network related matters is no more a headache. Whether clients want a structured network cabling or wish to improve the wi-fi strength, our team is always there to offer its exceptional service to its clients.

Though wireless internet has become quite common. People who wish to use secure network connection would prefer a hard-wired network solution for their home. The reason people still prefer wired home network cabling installation is it allows a private, high speed, internet connection that can be used for file sharing, media streaming, online gaming (console or PC), IP security cameras, or any other use of standard Ethernet type wiring.

Let’s get to it with considerations and planning!

Initial Considerations and Planning for home network cabling Installation

Once you have decided to choose a wired network for your home, there are certain aspects that need to consider before calling the engineer for the set-up.

Decide the Area/Room to Install the Wired Networking:

Choose the room or rooms you want to get wired. Consider the position of TV and gaming console while finalizing the area for installing the internet and spreading the connection in a different part of the home so that you don’t have to call network engineer time and again.

How Many Ports Do I Want At Each Location?

Consider the number of equipment that may use the internet connection and decide the number of ports you wish to have in each location. It is suggested to have at least one spare port at each location to meet the future demand. If the home is multi-storeyed then it becomes more crucial to deciding the number of ports at each location wisely.

What Is A Good Location For Distribution?

Ask the engineer to choose the suitable location for the distribution of the internet connection so that it can be spread over to another location without creating a web of wires

What Entry Point Should The Cables Take?

If you live in an apartment, then attic can be the right entry point for the cable path. For a single floor, the home basement can be the right location. Consider the cable length. The cable length for gigabit speeds over copper UTP cabling is of 100 meters. While selecting the cable path to consider its length and choose the path accordingly.

What Network Speed Do I Need?

The network speed depends on the switch you use. If the purpose of the internet connection is surfing then 10megabit switch will be the right choice. They are cheap in price and you can even get them for free. If the purpose of the internet connection is file sharing or multimedia sharing over the internet then 100mbps speed would be sufficient and for that 100 megabit switch are the right choice. For those who wish to avail fastest speed should opt Cat-6. Though, Cat 6 preferred by the organizations that require a faster internet connection.

The home network cabling installation team will not only help in identifying the location for setting up the network, finalizing the port that you may require or help in choosing the speed plan to the user but they will help with more technical aspects as well. When you work with the professional agency they ensure that the client gets the best solution.

How to Choose a Network Installation Partner

Choose a network installation partner who excels in latest technologies like CAT 5 e & CAT 6. Cat 6 preferred to connect multiple networked devices to home network switches. The home network cable connection can use for HD signal over CAT 6 Network.

Our home networking services also extend to distribution of Audio Visual & 4K HD TV Services via HDBaseT Systems known as an HDMI Matrix. It provides HD Signal over CAT 6 Network cabling and allows the user to watch and control any of the connected devices, (HDMI outputs such as Sky HD, Virgin HD, Apple TV, and DVD Player from any room in perfect pixel HD Quality).

Midlands cabling is eager to offer its flawless home network cabling installation service, convenient network socket/boxes in each room. Tell us what you consider the most convenient places to install your sockets and our team will assist you.

Active all across London, feel free to connect with us for fast, efficient domestic network cabling service. For more details visit the website and learn about our IT services.


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